Ski and snowboard services

Maintenance, prepare and repair of skis and snowboards

At Intersport Val d’Isère, our team of ski technicians is at your disposal in a brand-new, fully-robotized workshop to maintain and repair your ski equipment.


Over-moulding the bases is the first step in maintaining your skis. Intersport Val d’Isère’s ski technicians fill in any holes in your skis and snowboards using P. Tex which they heat up and spread over the bases. An essential first step in repairing your ski or snowboard equipment!


All ski technicians know the reputation of the Montana Robots; over 30 years’ experience in tried and trusted machines specially developed to prepare and maintain skis.
The Montana Robots : amazing strength and efficiency ! Indeed, Montana offers quality coating structures and impeccable, efficient edge preparation: a quality of service worthy of the World Cup circuit!

At Intersport Val d’Isère, our ski technicians have a Snowcruiser robot, a real robot that can sand, sharpen and stone grind your skis all at once. This robot can also prepare your race skis with a race course finish as it can produce specific base structures and edge angles that are only used in races (87, 88 and 89 degrees).

Thanks to the Montana Snowcruiser, you benefit from optimum sensations when you ski, the carving effect is guaranteed, you ski quite safely and your technique improves!


Using the Montana Snowcruiser robot, sanding is carried out in the best possible conditions with the aim of taking off any surplus matter from over-moulding and levelling off the bases.


Your edges are well sharpened using the Montana Snowcruiser robot, which sharpens very precisely for the best edge set and great hold on turns.


The main step in maintaining a ski or snowboard base is waxing. This involves applying a layer of wax on the base to protect it and make it slide well. Waxing starts with a cleaning of the base, also called “de-waxing”, application of the wax, scraping, brushing and then the finish. Over the last few years in competition sport, waxing has been a key step in preparing the professionals’ skis.


The Intersport Val d’Isère ski technicians are at your service to check your skis and snowboards. They also regularly check the rental stock and make any necessary adjustments.


At Intersport Val d’Isère, our ski technicians are at your service to adjust your skis and snowboards to the right settings to make your riding easier and safer.